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  As far as color goes, black and blue shoes are cheap louboutin wedges all the rage for 2014. And, if it sounds like I'm referring to shoes that are bruised, relax. The only thing that's taken a blow is the spirit of those who love colorful footwear.
  It even feels weird to write that black and blue shoes are hot, because, well... they can't really be "hot," can they?
  It's the wrong word, because along with browns and reds, cheap red bottom shoes they're always the most popular colors in women's footwear.
  Oh, and if that news weren't uninspiring enough, how's this? The next "hottest" colors for fall are... you guessed it, brown and red.
  But, despite how it may seem when re-reading those first two paragraphs, it's not all dismal on the footwear hue front. Animal prints have survived for another round, as have metallic shoes. Especially those with a cheap christian louboutin high heels crinkled, distressed, or foil-type finish.
  And, I should also note that there is a slight difference in this fall's selection of blue footwear.
  Whereas usually, it's only royal and navy blues that come out of the close in cooler weather, this year we're seeing a lot more soft and watery mid-tone blues. They're actually very nice shades. The kind that make replica christian louboutin pumps you want to slip into your favorite over-sized sweater dress, and crunch through some leaves.   We could just call fall 2014 "the season we put straps on every kind of footwear imaginable," and move on.
  I know. That wouldn't be much fun. But, it's at least sort of true. This season straps are "the thing."
  Straps that wrap around the front, or the back. Ankle replica christian louboutin shoes straps, mary jane straps, boots with straps, strappy evening sandals, cage booties whose fronts are comprised of... straps. Or at least, thin strips of upper that could pass for straps from a distance.
  But, I'm not complaining. I actually really like strappy shoes.
  What's especially fun about the trend is that it kind of balances out several different styles. For example, vamp and ankle straps add more coverage to pumps and sandals, and "cage" booties are more revealing than closed styles are.
  Consequently, these styles also bridge warm and cool weather. So christian louboutin replica boots shoes you picked up at the end of summer may still be wearable throughout autumn.   Another great thing about these styles is that they're absolutely perfect for adding a bit of seasonal flair to this year's shorter shift and sheath dresses.
  As far as boots go, you have the aforementioned cage booties, and also there's a mini motorcycle-inspired trend happening. Of course, this means lots of straps in addition to full-coverage uppers.